Tea Spice 'Original Blend' (50g) & Mini Spoon.

Tea Spice 'Original Blend' (50g) & Mini Spoon.

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Original Tea Spice Blend (50g)


Makes at least 200 servings.

Contains: ginger powder, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, black peppercorns, bishops weed, turmeric, fennel.

50g sealed glass jar & 'imperial measure' spoon

Allergy warning: the spoon is made of Tibetan Silver; a silver-colored alloy consisting of copper with tin or nickel. Some items described as Tibetan Silver are cast iron that has been plated with the silver-colored metal. Most Tibetan Silver is copper with tin rather than copper with nickel because nickel causes skin reactions in many people.

We recommend you use it as a measure rather than to stir hot drinks.



Dispatched within one week with Royal Mail.