Tea Spice: A Brief History


Tea Spice, or 'chai massala' as our ancestors called it, is a delicious addition to tea, coffee, cocktails and food.

Our original tea-spice blend originated in India since the late 1800's as far as we can trace. We have our grandmothers recipe which she was also passed by her mother. 

In 1969 when my parents moved to London, the recipes came with them. They moved here before it all kicked off with Idi Amin in 1972. Back then my mother would make pots of it and experiment with different flavours as we still do today. She is a passionate cook who has written a cupboards worth of recipe books.

During my time in running music events, hundreds of people tried it at festivals, gigs and house parties. The market research for Tea Spice took place over a decade and the response was quite overwhelming.

Fast forward to Christmas 2011 and we threw a Christmas party where everyone got a hamper with some carefully selected gifts, including the first branded jars of Tea Spice and a little bottle of whiskey. Back then we called it something else too silly to mention here, but in the end we settled with Tea Spice, as that is what people called it when asking us for more.

It has since grown and developed naturally until our first online store just had to be created this year, even if only to satisfy our current regulars. Now we get to concentrate on things like logistics, marketing strategies, cool advertising campaigns and warring with rival spice factions from a more corporate standpoint. 



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